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How it all started - In 2019, we started off with planting our spring tulips and flowers, and then the comments started coming in, from friends which we sent videos to.  

We started recording some videos and we've recorded what the garden looked like in the Spring, Summer, and Winter (which are all uploaded to Youtube and are in our Video Gallery).  We've started a video series in which my grandson (resident reporter) Riley Holmes is showing us how to plant and maintain the garden in his most hilarious way.  Please support him as he is 7, with great confidence for his age (and so bossy as he thinks he's the director).  He is growing in his performances and we discuss all ideas and he puts his spin on these and together we learn and grow Wor Garden for both ourselves and you, as we catalog our journey of making a wonderful garden over the next few years and wish you could interact and join us through this website as a member, support us on Patreon (www.Patreon.com/worgarden) or subscribe to our YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

My original intention was to teach our grandson, the importance of being outdoors, let him grow his vegetables, plants, and flowers in Wor Garden, whilst getting him involved (P.S. he ate loads of plums fresh from the tree), thus helping him to appreciate the wonder of a garden and to grow his own produce and be healthier for it also. To be honest, he's helped me appreciate the time we have together as all children grow up, then all we have left are fond memories.  I'm lucky as I'll also have all the video footage of us enjoying the experience of a garden together to look back upon as well as all the hilarious outtakes.

Please support Riley as he gives demonstrations, hints, and tips as we improve Wor Garden with the help of his report, "The Weekly Garden Report"(Series ends 9/5/21). See his episodes on our YouTube Channel. P.S. His Great Aunty stated to her son, that's not how you plant a Rhododendron, it's on Wor Garden and Riley shows you how to plant it properly.  You'd better watch his video and start again properly, son.  And so he did and they now have 4 nicely planted Rhododendrons.


Wor Garden is moving to a new Garden, therefore our NEW series "Adventures in Wor Garden" will be coming to our YouTube Channel soon and of course, Riley Holmes will be our resident reporter. (See below for further info).


Stay safe and let us get involved with gardening with our children/grandchildren too.

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Wor Garden Coming to you This Sunday at 4 pm on both WorGarden.com and YouTube

The series "The Weekly Garden Report" will be posted on a Sunday @ 4 pm on our YouTube Channel (see the link below).

The new series "Adventures in Wor Garden" will be coming soon to Wor Garden.

YouTube Wor Garden Link (Click Here)

Please support my grandson in his new role as our Resident Reporter in "The Weekly Garden Report"

The Weekly Garden Report - (9 Episodes) - Episode List planned (ends on 9/5/21)

The Series list consists of :

Episode 1 - Planting Seeds.

Episode 2 - Cutting back a Lilac Bush.

Episode 3 - Planting Shrubs.

Episode 4 - Feeding the Wor Garden Wildlife.

Episode 5 - Planting Rhododendrons.

Episode 6 - Weed Police Patrol.

Episode 7 - Cutting the Grass.

Episode 8 - Planting Climbing Beans.

Episode 9 - Wor Garden Update and Review of the Series.

Wor Garden is pleased to present a new series "Adventures in Wor Garden". Wor Garden is moving, yes folks, we are moving to a different property and therefore Wor Garden is starting a new Adventure in a New Garden (it's in a dire state).  Both I and our Resident Reporter Riley Holmes will do our utmost to turn this garden into a gorgeous garden once again.  P.S the Learning Greenhouse is moving with us.  We'll be giving our seedlings away to relatives for them to grow and enjoy this year as we'll have our work cut out preparing and planning these new Adventures in Wor Garden.

Adventures in Wor Garden - (9 Episodes) - Episode List planned (but could change)

The Series list may consist of :

Episode 1 - TBC

Episode 2 - TBC

Episode 3 - TBC

Episode 4 - TBC

Episode 5 - TBC

Episode 6 - TBC

Episode 7 - TBC

Episode 8 - TBC

Episode 9 - TBC

Future Episodes depending on UK COVID Restrictions.


Please come and join us, be a member, and any help and support would be gratefully received.

We've been trying products to assist us to edit images and videos for this site.  We have chosen LUMINAR Ai for editing Photos as it's a one-time payment and not a monthly subscription.  

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We use Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Pro X for editing our videos


Healthy Eating

Through our Learning Greenhouse (When Built) we'll encourage the care about the interests of our children. We emphasise the importance of environmental awareness in a fun and memorable way to teach our children how to grow vegetables and make jams. Maybe the adults will enjoy some Plum Rum and Plum Gin recipes (trialling in small jars this year) and hopefully gain some hints and tips too.  Oh and not forgetting us also as it's also a learning curve for us as well


Fruitful Farming

With our Learning Greenhouse and Fruit Trees, every single child has a say. "Together, we decide what to grow, what to pick, and what to put in our tummies", thus this makes learning more satisfying and exciting. Get in touch to find out more.


On-Demand Learning - Future plan

We believe in building a community of well-informed and healthy children through our give-it-a-grow program (coming soon). We have lots of mini growing projects planned for this year including Veg and something different to grow as fun. Reach out today for more information.


Wild Animals in Word Garden

Do you have Wild Animals in your garden?  Why not join our membership and upload your image to your own blog on our site.  We currently have Grey Squirrels, Lots of birds including Robin's, and a surprise visit from 2 Green ring-necked Parakeets on 20/1/2021.  See our blog for updates

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