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Last year 2020, we started off with planting our spring tulips and flowers and then the comments started coming in, from friends which I sent videos too and then people walking dogs and staying fit in the lockdown in the UK also gave positive comments.  

We started recording some video and we have recorded what the garden looked like in the Spring and Summer (which are all uploaded to Youtube and are in our Video Gallery).  Now we are starting to catalogue the journey of making a wonderful garden over the next few years and wish you could interact and join us through this website and become a member or subscribe to our YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook pages.


It takes time and money and with a full-time job and my wife is also recovering from an operation, time is of a high priority for me. This will not stop me though, as she loves Wor Garden and we moved into this property so we could enjoy the garden and the wonders it could be together.  She had the foresight, I have the spade and lawnmower.

My intention is to also teach my grandson, who is 7,  the importance of being outdoors, let him grow what vegetables and flowers in the Learning Greenhouse, and get him involved in helping with the flowers and fruit trees (P.S. he ate loads of plums fresh from the tree and so did i), thus helping him to appreciate the wonder of a garden and to grow his own produce and be healthier for it also. My hope is that others will get involved with gardening with their children/grand children too.


Supporting Edible Education and the Wonders of Wor Garden


Spring bulbs to be planted  - completed (over 400 of these).

Summer bulbs to planted

Maris Piper Potatoes, Cucumber, Leeks, Tomatoes, Carrots and other veg to be planted.

The front garden needs all wooden log surrounds replaced (we have purchased these)

The gravel path needs to be replaced as it's covered in weeds and long grass and logs from the felled tree were placed here (the logs need to be utilised in projects also (not sure yet, but Ideas would be good but a Garden Bench sounds cool)

The Learning Greenhouse has suffered storm damage and needs attention (temp fix in place for now) as well as the flooring the greenhouse needs its gravel bed (need to purchase the gravel and a wheelbarrow to transport it to the Garden from the road).


Please come and join us, be a member and any help and support would be gratefully received.

We've been trying products to assist us to edit images and video for this site.  We have chosen LUMINAR 4 as it's a one-time payment and not a monthly subscription.  We have also just purchased the new forthcoming Photo editor in LUMINAR AI.

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Healthy Eating

Through our Learning Greenhouse (When Built) we'll encourage the care about the interests of our children. We emphasise the importance of environmental awareness in a fun and memorable way to teach our children how to grow vegetables and make jams. Maybe the adults will enjoy some Plum Rum and Plum Gin recipes (trialling in small jars this year) and hopefully gain some hints and tips too.  Oh and not forgetting us also as it's also a learning curve for us as well

Fruitful Farming

With our Learning Greenhouse and Fruit Trees, every single child has a say. "Together, we decide what to grow, what to pick, and what to put in our tummies", thus this makes learning more satisfying and exciting. Get in touch to find out more.

On-Demand Learning

We believe in building a community of well-informed and healthy children through our give-it-a-grow program (coming soon). We have lots of mini growing projects planned for this year including Veg and something different to grow as fun. Reach out today for more information.

Wild Animals in Word Garden

Do you have Wild Animals in your garden?  Why not join our membership and upload your image to your own blog on our site.  We currently have Grey Squirrels, Lots of birds including Robin's, and a surprise visit from 2 Green ring-necked Parakeets on 20/1/2021.  See our blog for updates

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