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 Fun whilst Gardening, Fun easy Recipes and Fun in the Countryside!

Why not visit our YouTube Channel called "WorGarden",  in which my grandson (our resident reporter) Riley Holmes shows us how to plant and maintain the garden in his most hilarious way, as well as other info films we make for your viewing, for instance, how to make "Chicken Orzo", which is one of his older sister's favourite meals, WorPizza and WorDietCola Chicken, WorGarden Welly Walks (we go out for a walk with our Welly's and have fun and record our WorGarden Adventure for you).

So far, in the past 3 years, we've chopped down and pruned trees, planted flowers, and vegetables, walked in the countryside, built a 12-foot garden shed, demolished an old coal bunker, planted bulbs, shrubs, and bushes, built a learning greenhouse (and watched it get severely damaged in a massive storm, so badly it had to be demolished),  made bird feeders, created raised planters, hanging baskets, created a new lawn and we've even had super hero's in the garden defending our garden from the bad guys to say just a few of the topics we've covered in our video's. 

Please support Riley as he gives demonstrations, hints, and tips as we improve WorGarden ( WorGarden moved for the third time to a new Garden (Grandad moved house, again), have fun and just enjoying time together. I want to get fitter and we discussed our next seasons topic. Since my new garden is really small and projects have to be around weekends we decided together that we need to get out into our wonderful countryside more, so our NEW series will be called: 


See all of our episodes on our YouTube Channel.


Our third series is now complete, with gardening videos and walks in our area with our Welly's (WorGarden Welly Walks) and other info films for your viewing.

Latest Video:  Waterfall Welly Walk.

Season 4 will start next spring.

WorGarden has moved again - Grandad has moved home, to a small bungalow. We'll bring you updates on how we improve his small gardens (shed move (from storage to the garden) COMPLETED (Episode 1), we'll make raised beds and planters for Nana,  plant the fruit trees, add the bird feeders, well plant our massive stock of bulbs, and various improvements to Grandad's NEW, NEW, NEW, WORGARDEN). We'll also, bring you along, on our day's out in the great outdoors when we go "OOT 'N' ABOOT" as this is the Theme of Worgarden, this year. We wanted to focus on the plants, trees, and scenery in the countryside around us this year.  We'll try new activities, provide informational guides for you to go "OOT 'N' ABOOT". as well as using technology to hunt for treasure as there are 3,311 little  treasures (geocaches) around us alone, so come along with us, on our journeys,  when WORGARDEN Goes "OOT 'N' ABOOT". Wellys are optional.

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Stay safe and let us get involved with gardening and get out for a walks with our children/grandchildren too. See you all soon for "WORGARDEN Goes "OOT 'N' ABOOT"

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