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How it all started - In 2019, we started off with planting our spring tulips and flowers, and then the comments started coming in, from friends which we sent videos to.  

We started recording some videos and we've recorded what the garden looked like in the Spring, Summer, and Winter (which are all uploaded to Youtube and are in our Video Gallery).  We've started a video series in which my grandson (resident reporter) Riley Holmes is showing us how to plant and maintain the garden in his most hilarious way.  Please support him as he is 7, with great confidence for his age (and so bossy as he thinks he's the director).  He is growing in his performances and we discuss all ideas and he puts his spin on these and together we learn and grow Wor Garden for both ourselves and you, as we catalog our journey of making a wonderful garden over the next few years and wish you could interact and join us through this website as a member, support us on Patreon (www.Patreon.com/worgarden) or subscribe to our YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

My original intention was to teach our grandson, the importance of being outdoors, let him grow his vegetables, plants, and flowers in Wor Garden, whilst getting him involved (P.S. he ate loads of plums fresh from the tree), thus helping him to appreciate the wonder of a garden and to grow his own produce and be healthier for it also. To be honest, he's helped me appreciate the time we have together as all children grow up, then all we have left are fond memories.  I'm lucky as I'll also have all the video footage of us enjoying the experience of a garden together to look back upon as well as all the hilarious outtakes.

Please support Riley as he gives demonstrations, hints, and tips as we improve Wor Garden with the help of his report, "The Weekly Garden Report". Wor Garden moved in May to a new Garden (Grandad moved house, again), therefore our NEW series "Wor Garden - New Adventures" was created and has now completed on our YouTube Channel. See all of our episodes on our YouTube Channel.


Riley's Great Aunty, my sister,  stated to her son, that's not how you plant a Rhododendron, it's on WorGarden and Riley shows you how to plant it properly.  You'd better watch his video and start again properly, my son.  And so he did and they now have 4 nicely planted Rhododendrons.


Our second series has now completed for our little hobby.  Series 3, well what will the New Year bring, apart from COVID, that is.  We could be restricted as to what we can do, remote camera work and if we are lucky we will be able to get out and about more next year.

We were thinking if a new direction for our next series in WorGarden. Have you got any ideas as we have but we would love to here from you, and it could even influence our direction in our next series (we will obviously Gove you credit).


Stay safe and let us get involved with gardening with our children/grandchildren too.

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