The Journey Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of our journey. We all say words to this effect, we'll do it tomorrow - tomorrow, I'll look at it - no time today, I'll sort it tomorrow. Well just like tomorrow, it never comes as other priorities appear and the original task set for tomorrow, well it becomes 8 months.

Tomorrow is the 1st day I'll be recording how we create a journey of making a wonderful garden, our garden, and as we say in the North East of England (WOR GARDEN).

So we bought a new greenhouse to be put up this year and it's grated on me since Christmas (present with a base as well from Germany), day in and day out, no time, raining (it does that a lot here, hence it's so green) and then the wife was sick, severe back issues and is bedridden and has been awaiting her operation for over 7 months now. With working a full day, looking after her every need, feeding us and the dreaded cleaning of the house (i hate cleaning now), it's taken me away from the garden, my sanctuary and not enabled me to build my Learning Greenhouse.

Time, we all could do with time, to do this and time to do that, but putting things off until tomorrow all the time, well it's not good and as you can image I need time to build things for Wor Garden to improve and make it wonderous as it can be.

Saturday, no rain and a little sunny, we have 4 walls and the middle roof stay all completed - the base was completed 2 weeks prior, so tomorrow, well I can't wait for 17:15 to get on with it and get it put together. It will be a challenge as I have no support and it takes 2-4 people to build it. Let's use some ingenuity to build it.

I will keep you all posted

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